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Giallo typeface

Giallo is a one weight typeface that takes its roots from the giallo esthetic, an italian horror movie genre from the 70s.

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Desktop Licence:

The desktop licence grants the Licensee to use the Font Software for the creation of static or moving files like images and videos.

The purchase of the desktop licence is for 1—3 CPU’s for a single user. This means one user is able to load the font onto 1—3 personal computers.

⊕ For additional users, please email us directly.

The Font Software for a Desktop Licence are provided in OTF format.

Web Licence:

The web licence grants the Licensee to use the Font Software to embed the Font Software on one website domain owned by the Licensee with unlimited trafic.

The Web license is based upon the monthly page views it is intended to receive. The standard Web Licence is from 1—10,000 page views per month.

⊕ For higher web traffic please email us directly.

The Font Software for a Web Licence are provided in WOFF and WOFF2.

App Licence:

The App licence grants the Licensee the right to embed the Font Software in other specified distributed software (mobile or desktop applications, operating systems, games, Epubs and ebooks) for the purpose of styling dynamic, static, or editable text.

Trial Licence:

The Licensee may use the trial version of Font Software only for the testing purposes. This includes presentations, and experiments. Any professional or consumer facing projects require the purchase of a standard license.

Use in student work is permitted. Use by a student in paid work is not permitted.

Modifications to the font software or the design embodied therein is not permitted.

⊕ You can find all the information about Trial Licence in the EULA.

The Font Software for a Trial Licence are provided with a limited character set.

Other Licences:

Please email us if you have a specific licence you need.

You are not receiving the copyright to the design or any other part of the Font Software, but the rights to use the Font Software as specified in this agreement. The Licence Holder may not use the Font Software for purposes other than those purchased pursuant to the Agreement.

*Check EULA for all the Licence informations.

Additional information

Trial Licence, Desktop Licence, Web Licence, App Licence

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